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Thaikkattumoos ETM Ayurveda Nursing Home – Thrissur | Keralaindia.org


Thaikkattumoos ETM Ayurveda Nursing Home – Thrissur

Thaikkattumoos ETM Ayurveda Nursing Home – Thrissur

Thaikkattumoos ETM Ayurveda Nursing Home – Thrissur

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Thaikkatt Mooss E.T.M Oushadhasala (INDIA) LTD

Ayurveda is as old as human civilization, has grown with time, ever new, one with and as gentle as Mother Nature. It is most scientific, systematic and efficacious as a system for restoration of health. In Kerala, Ayurveda has been preserved in its pristine sanctity, thanks to the ardent and orthodox devotion of a handful of traditional families of Ashtavaidyans; the foremost among them has been the Thaikkattu Mooss family. In 1914, as an organized venture E. T. M Vaidyasala was established and had since been synonymous with Ayurveda its competence, reliability and efficacy to eradicate diseases and to restore good health.

The Thaikkattu Mooss E. T. M. Oushadashala (India) Ltd., is certified by the authorities that it amply meets all the specifications and standards stipulated by the Governments for Good Manufacturing Practices (G. M. P.) ISO 9001-2000 certification is also obtained by our company. We are the first to qualify and obtain this international certification among the Ashtavaidya Ayurvedic Pharmacies in Kerala. Apart from the Government of Kerala, the Central Government has also approved our medicines, whereby the employees of the Central Government, Public Sector and Joint Sector undertakings are eligible under reimbursement scheme.

            We are India’s best quality Ayurvedic Medicines manufacturers since1914 managed by Ashta Vaidian Thaikkattu Mooss.

Our company is a public Ltd Co. Incorporated under the name and style of “THAIKKATTU MOOSS E.T.M.OUSHADHASALA (INDIA)LTD”. We are manufacturing and marketing high quality Ayurvedic Classical and Patent Medicines under the control of Ashta Vaidian Thaikkattu Mooss ,who are very famous for their quality medicines in India.

We have standardized the quality-thanks to their modern technology and equipments and can stand any rigid quality test .Our quality control and Assay departments live upto the international challenges.An elaborate research and development department manned by highly qualified personnel at appropriate points and places provides the necessary trust and safeguard to the production system.It galvanizes the entire production system and is the new strength to our arms that guards our relentless stress on quality. Our concern and motto is “CLASSICAL HEALTH WITH CLASSIC MEDICINES”.

In view of heavy demand for quality and genuine medicines in Indian and Overseas market we have contemplated to break off traditional bind in terms of marketing because there was only a limited operations till recent despite heavy demand for our products and now has come out with an aggressive marketing plan to convert the bureaucratic marketing system into a most modern transparent system.As a result of our expansion programme we have planned to spread our network on all India basis so as to make our products available to the suffering people in every nook and corner of India. Our marketing department functioning under the expertised advice of professionally qualified and highly experienced hands to extract consistent growth. We have become confident to produce quality medicines of any quantity enabling us to conquer our share in the National and International markets .In the wake of our expansion programme we are planning to appoint Super stockists /C&F Agents/Sole Distributors to market our products.We have already made dents into the metropolises of India and we are about to take off to the markets. Hence, we frankly inviting you to become of our business partner namely as C&F/Super Stockist / Sole Distributorship. 

Research and Development

Product mix – textual preparations.

As is the tradition of old Ayurvedic Pharmacies, we manufacture the complete range of medicines according to the recipes prescribed in the classic texts like Ashtaangahridayam, Sahasrayogam, Charakasamhitha, Bhaishajyaratnavali etc, which generally comprises Kashaya, Arishta, Aasava, Ghruta, Thaila, Choorna, Vataka and Gulika.

Proprietary formations

While the classical recipes constitute the patrimony of India to the world at large, there is a segment of exclusive contribution of the Thaikkattu Mooss family to the tradition of Ayurveda in the form of certain proprietary formulations. Enshrined in highly guarded scripts on palm leaves, proper foils etc., such preparations have stood the tests of time as their personal contribution par excellence to humanity. These are manufactured under licenses from the Chief Controller of Drugs, Kerala. Products are being patented. We are in the process of bringing out most of such preparatory formations for the benefits of humanity. We scientifically pack them keeping up with the trend of time. Tablets and capsules are blister-packed which provide tremendous ease in packing, handling and increased shelf life. Our products are highly appreciated for their efficacy.

 Herbal Gardens

The origin of herbal medicine pre-dates all existing records. India has a rich tradition in herbal medicine. The Vedic literature stands testimony for the vast knowledge on our traditional systems of medicine. India is the proud possessor of a medical heritage that has the longest unbroken history in human civilization. About 7500 species of plants are used for medicine in our country. Ayurveda, the most prevalent system in the country uses about 700 species of plants. These plants can provide biologically active molecules and lead structures for the development of modified derivatives with enhanced activity and /or reduced toxicity.

Forests are the main sources of raw drugs. The demand for drug plants is increasing day by day leading to overexploitation of valuable plants resulting in depletion of many species in the wild. Realizing that the need of the hour is the conservation and promotion of medicinal plants, cultivation based on supply demand position ETM has initiated cultivation of valuable medicinal plant species in the land in its possession. ‘The right plant in the right place’ is the criterion of selection of plants. Our collections include those plants found in the ICUN check list and those figured in the red data book.

            E.T.M Health Resort is one of the most sought after destinations for those who prefer to be healed by the pristine tradition of Ayurveda the ancient Indian science of life. The nursing home provides Panchakarma treatment, a unique medical heritage that has perhaps the longest unbroken history in imparting rejuvenating effect on human body and mind. Panchakarma involves 5 steps. Vamanam, Vivechanam, Vasti, Nasyam and Rakthamoksham. ETM is one of the leading manufactures of quality Ayurvedic drugs on a commercial scale and our products are reckoned as top class by the knowledgable people who love and foster Ayurveda. In keeping with the time we have modernized our factory as per good manufacturing processes regulations. We are on the way of standardizing all our formulations. Our research and development lab keeps a strict vigil on the quality of our drugs.

Food: facilities to cater to all tastes at affordable rates

Weather: pleasant from August to December. January to June – temp varied from 26c- 36c and June to September welcome rains.

Dress: woolen cloths are not a necessity at any time of the year

People: highly literal, well informed, politically enlighted

            THAIKKATTU MOOSS E. T. M AYURVEDA NURSING HOME is conceived to be a unique center where the classical concepts of Ayurvedic principles and practice are given a trial with Vedic zeal and devotion. The nursing home is in a typical chip of the traditional block of tiled roof structure, a classic remnant of the wholesome abode of homely peace and tranquility. This is a specialized center of Panchakarma and other traditional Kriyas, which are acclaimed worldwide as the best restorative, reinvigorate and rejuvenative therapy. These Kriyas are performed by veterans in the field under the guidance and surveillance of our acclaimed Acharyas in the art.

The medicines and medicaments manufactured by the THAIKKATTU MOOSS E. T. M Oushadasala (India) Ltd., alone are used here which is the first crucible test of quality and efficacy of the wide array of the medicine we prepare in our factory.We blend here the traditional practices of Acharya and Ashtavaidyas supported by modern systems of manufacture and application to give you a healthy tomorrow.




PH: 091-0480- 2820758


Thaikkattu Mooss ETM Oushadhasala (India) Ltd.,

Vellngallur, Thrissur – 680662

Kerala, India

 Tel : 0480 2860469




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