Ayurveda Yoga Villa – Wayanad

Ayurveda Yoga Villa – Wayanad

Ayurveda Yoga Villa – Wayanad

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 Ayurveda Yoga Villa !

Our resort is a unique place where you can experience the best of ancient Indian traditions -Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Kalari- in an amazing location on the banks of River Kabani, in the middle of thousands of acres of forest, spanning through three Indian states: Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

We invite you to come and experience, rejuvenate, heal and transform your body and mind with Ayurveda (the Science of Life) and Yoga (Harmony of Body, Mind & Soul). If you are looking for a specific treatment, rejuvenation, beauty enhancement, or simply to get away from the stress of modern life, we can offer you the best wellness experience possible according to your time, health, needs, and budget. For us, you are not just a customer, but an opportunity to share our knowledge of ancient traditions.

Our Experience

All our herbal medicines and techniques are safe and monitored by qualified and experienced professionals. We use all the modern diagnostic methods along with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to understand your body and your problems in depth.

More than Ayurveda

All our programs are a blend of Ayurvedic treatments with Yoga, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Meditation, Marma, Ayurvedic diet and contemplative walks in nature. Our entire facility is built in a very special place and designed according to Vastu -the ancient science of Architecture.

Mother Nature

Lie down in the waters of River Kabani or go for nature walks in the unspoiled forest all around us to relax the body & mind and to explore the rare species of wildlife and birds, herbal plants, and tribal culture in the forest.

Responsible (Eco) Tourism

We are concerned with and committed to ethical, environmental and spiritual values to lead a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. We provide only pure vegetarian food. You won’t see alcohol, drugs, meat products or plastic at Ayurveda Yoga Villa.

Good Food & Good People

That’s what our clients say – delicious! For us, food is a medicine and you are our Gods to please. Our staff are simple and efficient -it would be like staying with a family.

Our Services 

  • ayurveda
  •  yoga
  •  Kalari

Our Practicalities 

  • Ayurvedic diet          
  • According to Ayurveda – “You are what You Eat”!

This ancient branch of science believes that most common sicknesses are the result of poor nutrition. Any anomaly in the body is thought to originate in the digestive system, and therefore, it is believed that all diseases can be cured by following specific nutritional rules carefully, along with the proper herbal supplements. So much so, that Ayurvedic healers commonly begin a patient’s treatment by arranging his diet according to his disease or imbalances.

An Ayurvedic diet has all the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy body and mind. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats, along with vitamins and minerals are all present in sufficient amounts. Fresh, organic vegetables are rich in prana or life force, whereas inorganic, frozen or artificially grown foods are very low in prana. Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis for optimum health.

At Ayurveda Yoga Villa, you will not only be served organic foods grown in our campus’ very own vegetable garden, you will also be offered some of the finest and tastiest vegetarian fare you have ever experienced!

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.

  When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”

 Accommodation at Ayurveda Yoga Villa

Herbal Cottage: All the rooms in this cottage are coated with medicated mud – ideal for the people going through long-term ayruvedic treatments. Attached bathroom with Hot shower and western style toilet seats. This cottage is located very close to the river (you can hear the flowing river sound all the time) and has a private garden, separate from the main campus garden. From the balcony, one can view the forest on the other side of the bank. It’s very quite and isolated from all other cottages.

Riverside Front Cottages: Located in the front of the campus and the rooms are very spacious with one double bed and one single bed and also three-piece sofa set.Attached bathroom with Hot shower and western style toilet seats.  From the balcony you can view the river and forest on the opposite side. Ideal for Nature lovers who wants to enjoy nature, plenty of sun and light.

Back Cottages: Located behind the front cottages. From the balconies you can’t see the river and forest – but from the bedroom windows you are open to lot of greenery and jungle behind our campus. Ideal for the people who wants more privacy and silence. All the interiors are similar to front cottages – spacious with one double bed and one more bed can be added. Attached bathroom with Hot shower and western style toilet seats.


  • Internet & Email

“At ayurveda Yoga Villa, we have one computer exclusively for guests. You can check mails, upload photos or browse the net – for no extra cost.”

  • Telephones

We have both landlines and mobile phones – you can receive calls or make calls and simply send sms at anytime of the day or night. If you are coming here with mobile phone, we can arrange for a local SIM card for your personal use.

  • Post & Courier

The nearest post office and courier is 5 kilometer away in Kartikulam. If you just leave your letter in our office we will send it to post office/ courier. 

Amazing Location

We are located 900 meters above the sea, in the greenest district of Wayanad, in the greenest state of India – Kerala.  Our location is right on the banks of River Kabani that encircles the Kuruva Island and all around us is thousands of acres of conservation forest spanning through the three states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

The district Wayanad where we are is the major exporter of ayurvedic herbs and medicines to all over the world. Spanning across 950 acres, the Kuruva Island is a peaceful haven for rare birds, butterflies, wild orchids and herbs. This place is a gift of nature for those who seek quietude, calmness and serenity of the mind. The energizing air and the vibrant greens all around recharge your body and mind and take away the years of stress.

During the day time you can cross the river to enter the island or walk through the tribal village or spice gardens. We can also arrange for a trip to the near by wild life sanctuaries to see elephants, tigers, deers etc.

If you are interested, we can also organize day trips to Eddakal Caves associated with Indus Valley Civilization, beautiful lakes and Dams, Waterfalls and bird sanctuaries, temples or a hiking/trekking in the nearby mountains.


  • Panchakarma Detoxification
  •  Rasayana Rejuventation
  •  Stress Management
  •  Weight Management
  •  Herbal Beauty
  • Skin Care
  • Yoga and Meditation
  •  Wellness Vacation
  •  Wellness Weekend
  •  Ayur-Yoga Treatments

 Our Address

Ayurveda Yoga Villa

Palvelichem, Bavali PO, Kartikulam,

Wayanad district,Kerala

Mobile: (+91) 95396 84635, (+91) 81570 11347

Skype: ayurvedayogavilla

E – mail: 




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